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The following tests are accepted for admissions purposes: Measure My IQ, WAIS, WISC, Stanford-Binet, Stanford-Binet 5, Mensa, Raven's, Cattel, Daniel's FRT, IQ Exams, or authored by: Paul Cooijmans, Ivan Ivec, Domagoj Kutle, Jason Betts, Nikolaos Soulios, Fiqure, Christian Paul Backlund, and Theodosis Prousalis.

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Our members have the option to meet live on our Facebook chat, Skype, or request to have a meeting with other members in your country.

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About G.A.I.N.

The Globally-Advanced Intelligence Network accepts individuals that have an IQ of at least 140 sd.15. Our network encourages intellectual growth all across the world. We represent superior intelligence and promote creative, complex, and unique ideas. Our members discuss a variety of topics including: science, philosophy, psychology, religion, etc. Our society was founded in May 2021 by Randy Myers, published author, psychometrics test developer. Randy created G.A.I.N. in order to bring together genius minds and establish a meeting platform to encourage intellectual enrichment.

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20 Euro Lifetime Membership Fee

The lifetime membership fee, per society, costs 20 Euros, payable via paypal or credit card.

How to join G.A.I.N.

G.A.I.N. consists of 4 high IQ societies:

Our Members

0001Randy MyersUnited States06/23/21
0002Claudia MyersRomania06/23/21
0003Thomas OsselNetherlands06/23/21
0004Domagoj KutleCroatia06/23/21
0005Christian BacklundFinland06/23/21
0006Sudarshan MurthyIndia06/25/21
0007Nikolaos U. SouliosGreece06/25/21
0008Maximilian-Andrei DrutaRomania06/25/21
0009Tim GattyEngland06/25/21
0010Brennan MartinNew Zealand06/27/21
0011Fatih KiratliTurkey06/27/21
0012Sebastian C. POPARomania07/01/21
0013Fengzhi WuChina07/04/21
0014Jose MolinaSpain07/05/21
0015Emanuel GherghinoiuRomanian07/05/21
0016Masahiko OkamotoJapan07/06/21
0017Victor HingsbergCanada07/18/21
0018Therese WaneckAmerican07/18/21
0019Richard M. Riss, Ph.D.American07/18/21
0020Andre GangvikNorway07/18/21
0021Bryne TanSingapore07/20/21
0022Ivan Ivec Ph.D.Croatia07/25/21
0023Jim LorrimoreUnited Kingdom08/07/21
0024Ron CulveraPhilippines08/07/21
0025Paul EdgeworthUnited States08/13/21
0026Ben-Tzion SaloffUnited States08/13/21
0027Femke SmitNetherlands08/28/21
0028Martin EngstlerAustria09/03/21
0029Javier Rio SantosSpain09/23/21
0030Mario Moreno GonzalezSpain09/24/21
0031Carlos Rodríguez AmezquetaSpain10/09/21
0032Joseph WilliamUnited Kingdom10/10/21
0033Hiroyuki ShigetaJAPAN10/17/21
0034Robert ReynoldsUnited States10/20/21

Learn about the benefits that the ENIGMA Society offers

The biggest benefit that our society offers is the interaction with our members that discuss interesting topics and present creative ideas. Surely, new members are awarded a membership certificate, website account, and added to our FB group and chat. We have a Skype group as well. Our society is safe. We have a zero tolerance for harrassment/discrimination. We are a new but growing society, and we receive applications daily.

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